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After a family or school group visits the Owl Center, children need the opportunity to run and play and adults need time to sit down and rest. In the interest of stimulating creative play and positive interaction with nature, a Natural Playground has been created immediately adjacent to the Owl Center site to fulfill this need.

The playground was designed by the Natural Playgrounds Company specifically for this site. It is made of sand, soil, rocks, trees and other natural items. Play elements include caves, a tunnel, boulder and wooden climbing walls, an embankment slide, a labyrinth, an interactive sundial, a living willow tunnel, a giant owl sculpture in a nest, stumps, and hay bales.

Construction began in August of 2012 and the last details will be completed in 2014. A sculpture garden will be added in future years.


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Our Mission

The International Owl Center advances the survival of wild owl populations through education and research. We plan to accomplish our mission through biological and cultural programs and displays, green building design, citizen-science and other research, international exchange of information, the World Owl Hall of Fame, the International Festival of Owls, and other means.

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